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About DiaperChamp,


DiaperChamp is one of Europe’s most known baby brands when it comes to diaper storage. DiaperChamp focuses on the growing demand for hygiene and safety of parents – care takers, baby’s and the living and working environments. The worldwide trends towards ‘safety and hygiene’ and ‘sustainability and the environment’ serve as the focal points of the practical solutions which DiaperChamp provides. Next to the famous diaper pails, DiaperChamp co-created 2 new brands with practical products.

Meet PottyChamp’s Potty’s and Bite Me Raff’s teethers!




Did you know ...

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Where to buy


  The DiaperChamp is available in most nursery stores in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and Asia.


Also online:



Trade shows in Holland and worldwide:







DiaperChamp Large - Especially for Kindergartens

About us

Garland Company BV was founded in 2002 in the Netherlands, Gorssel.

We are a small, resourceful and creative team that focuses exclusively on developing baby hygiene products.


Garland Company B.V.

Hoofdstraat 45B-105

7213 CR Gorssel

+31 (0) 20 53 050 40



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