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About us

Garland Company B.V. is founded in 2002. Garland Company is manufacturer of baby and kids hygiene products. The Head office is located in the eastern part of Netherlands – Gorssel. In 2002 Garland introduced an innovative new odourless baby nappy pail: The DiaperChamp. Before entering the European market Garland Company started with an extended product-research and adapted and optimized the product. The new DiaperChamp turned out to be even more practical so very soon the product was successful in many European countries. Today the market share of the DiaperChamp is still growing and in 2015 the DiaperChamp is sold in over 25 countries worldwide. Garland Company received many international prices such “Best innovation" “Product of the Year”  and "TUV" registration. Garland Company extended the product range and created new brands like ToiletChamp and OdoCare Baby. User-friendliness, Hygiene and Safety are key elements of the Garland Company products.