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DiaperChamp ONE





Diaper Change


The DiaperChamp, is of the essentials on a nursery checklist! The DiaperChamp is an odourless diaper pail in which you can easily store used nappies. You don’t need expensive refill cassettes or cartridges, any bag can be used! Savings are enormous versus the other diaper pails in which expensive cassettes or cartridges are needed. The environmental advantages are convincing too, ECO plastics or even cloth bags can be used in the DiaperChamp diaper pails.


The DiaperChamp is very easy to use, put the diaper/nappy in,  turn the handle and that’s it! Safety is one of the main priorities at DiaperChamp, because of the one hand-control you will
always have your hands free to look after your baby on the changing table.


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